Friday, May 13, 2016


This is a work in progress.  Let me know what you think.

I would like to see this passed:


I no amendments shall be allowed to be attached to this act nor will any changes be allowed to be made.

Ii all campaign funds, that have been collected or that are pledged to be donated, are hereby forfeited

And will be pooled for use by any candidate wishing to run for any office.

A. All nonprofits that act in the political realm for any reason hereby lose nonprofit status.

B. Of all monies currently held by these nonprofits, and who act in a political manner, 90% of those

Funds are forfeit and shall go into a fund to publicly finance all elections.

I. All donors’ names addresses and amounts donated to these entities shall be made public.

Ii. All donors of these nonprofits who act in a political manner shall be made to donate the same

Amounts, over the course of the next 5 years, the same amounts donated for the previous 5 years

To put into the publicly financed election fund.

C. Anyone who wishes to run for an office must get 500 signatures or 5% of their voting age

Constituents, which ever amount is less.

D. All districts shall be redrawn without political interference.

I. A citizen board that is randomly drawn from all voting constituents shall make districts

Equitable in population and shall be done in a grid fashion. No Gerry meandering allowed.

Ii. No district shall have more than 100 persons, more or less than any other district across the


E. $ 3 per person will be collected from every family, business or corporation.

I. Families will be required to put in $3 for every member of the family.

Ii. Business and corporations will be required to donate $3 for every person employed by the

Business including the CEO, board of directors and sub-contractors.

Iii no lobbyist shall be allowed to contact any senator, congressman, the president, or anyone else who

Works in a government capacity.

A. All correspondence that a constituent or corporation wishes to convey, shall from now on only be

Done by letter, e-mail, or contact via transcribed message through the Whitehouse switchboard.

B. No one in government is allowed to attend any political event that would give the appearance of a

Conflict of interest with the American people.

I. The American legislative exchange council is hereby outlawed and any and all A.L.E.C. Bills and

Those resembling A.L.E.C. Bills are now null and void across the united states.

A. Those states which wish to retain those bills will need to rewrite and resubmit and vote on

Them once more.

B. Any state which wishes to reinstate an A.L.E.C. Bill must get approval by 2/3 of the voters in that

State, by a ballot initiative that is clearly explained, before it goes into effect.

Ii. Members of the supreme court shall abide by all the rules, laws, and regulations that pertain to

All federal judgeships.

A. Any member of the supreme court who has immediate family in a lobbying organization, loses

Their position on the supreme court. Conflict of interest with the American people will not be


B. Any member of the supreme court who is the member of, or who attends a partisan political

Event loses their position on the supreme court. The appearance of favoritism towards any

Political party will not be tolerated.

C. The revolving door of politics and private sector lobbyist jobs is hereby ended.

A. No politician or other government worker, shall be allowed to work for any lobbying

Entity for a period of not less than 20 years after leaving office.

B. No person shall be allowed to be employed in a regulatory agency, that previously worked

For the industry being regulated, in the capacity of enforcing regulations or making

Regulations that pertain to the industry. This is an obvious conflict of interest with the

American people. Nor shall that regulatory agency employee be allowed to enter the

Workforce of the industry regulated by the regulatory agency, once their time in the

Regulatory agency has ended, for a period of not less than 20 years.

Iv. Only individual citizens shall be allowed to write bills to seek approval before congress.

A. No company or group of companies shall have access to any member of government.

B. No bill shall be put forth that favors corporations over people.

1. Any bill currently on the books that significantly favors any individual, corporation, or

Industry, over any other is hereby null and void. Exceptions to this rule pertain to the poor,

Handicapped, and senior citizens.

A. All people deserve to have shelter, heat, food, and clothing.

B. The us government shall provide communities with funds to house, feed, and clothe its

vulnerable populations.

1. Individuals who are capable of making their own decisions shall be allowed to stay

Homeless if so desired.

2. Single people will be given accommodations based on gender in a group home or

Barracks like setting.

3. Couples and families with children shall be allowed at least a heated room to sleep

In. They may also be housed in a group home like setting once family privacy is


4. The us government and other entities shall allow decommissioned armed forces

Bases as a place to feed and house people who wish to be housed. Also any building

Currently not in use for the past 2 years, can be acquired through imminent domain

To house vulnerable populations.

5. Those who wish to be housed and are not handicapped or elderly (over 62) must have

An active job search, schooling with higher education or G.E.D. Attainment in process.

Also they must put at least 15 hours per week in working in a volunteer capacity at

Either a nonprofit or in a government backed environmental cleanup capacity, and

Not to include chemically or nuclear hazardous clean up duties like oil spills.

V. No subsidy or tax break shall be given to any corporation, business entity, factory farm, or religious


A. Monies can be granted to entities that work towards social issues like homelessness, drug

Abuse, foster care, environmental cleanup, food banks, and those things that improve the

Lives of communities and their individuals.

B. Monies can also be granted for animal welfare provided the monies go toward feeding,

Veterinary costs, housing, and taking care of animals that have been abused or


C. No government monies shall be granted to for profit or religious schools.

D. All income, shall be taxed in a progressive manner so that the more money made, the

Greater the tax on those monies.

1. The first $ 25,000 of income will not have a federal income tax but will have a social

Security and Medicare tax except for those who are already on social security.

2. No corporate or business deductions will be allowed except payroll expenses which do not include the CEO, CFO, any presidents or vice presidents of the company nor any board of director’s compensation.

3. All corporations and businesses

Will be taxed on all monies made, no matter where they are located or where the

Money was made.

3. There will no longer be any deductions except the first $25,000 of income.

4. Income will be taxed at the following rates.

$25,001 to $100,000 -- 8 % federal income tax

$100,001 to $1,000,000 -- 15% federal income tax

$1,000,001 to $20,000,000 --25% federal income tax

$20,000,001 to $500,000,000 -- 35% federal income tax

$500,000,001 to $1,000,000,000 --45% federal income tax

$1,000,000,001 and up --65% federal income tax

Iv social security and Medicare shall be strengthened

A. The cap on income subjected to social security payroll tax is hereby eliminated

1. The tax shall be administered as follows:

A.                      The tax shall be shared by the employer and the employee and split equally.

B. Self-employed persons will need to pay for both the employer and employee halves.

C. The tax shall be as follows:

$0 - $200,000------------------------16% tax rate

$200,001---$2,000,000-------------18% tax rate

$2,000,001 and up -----------------20% tax rate

D. Social security cost of living inflation adjustments shall be based on:

1. Energy costs including electricity, fuel oil, gasoline and similar

2. Grocery items which will include the following, fruits, vegetables, meats, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

3. Average cost increases for mid-sized sedans, medical devices, and other durable goods such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, mattresses, etc.

4. Costs of long term care expenses.

B. Medicare shall be Medicare for all

1. All citizens, corporations and businesses shall contribute in a sliding scale the following:

$0------------------$ 25,000 income ------5%

$25,001------- $ 200,000 income-------8%

$200,001---------$ 2,000,000 income ----12%

$2,000,001 and up--------------------------15%

A. All medical services shall be covered including dentists, hearing, eye related, mental health, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture / acupressure and similar approved health systems.

2. All doctors, hospitals, long term care facilities, nursing homes, and any medical related industry will be nationalized.

A. Doctors will be paid a salary based on education and specialty field.

1. Primary care doctors, dentists, opticians, and similar shall be given a salary of $110,000/yr.

2. Non-surgical specialists shall be given a salary of $125,000 per year.

3. Surgical specialists shall be given a salary of $150,000/yr.

4. Nurse practitioner’s salary shall be $95,000/yr.

5. Rn's and surgical nurses’ salary shall be $85,000/yr.

6. LPN'S and x-ray techs, ultra sound techs and similar jobs, salary shall be $60,000/yr.

7. CNA'S, orderlies, phlebotomists and similar salary shall be $45,000/yr.

8. All other non-specialty staff salary shall be $30,000/yr.

B. In case of malpractice claims

1. Determinations for compensation to victims shall be made by a panel of 12 people which shall include 2 physicians from a different and unrelated facility, 2 ombudsmen, 2 physicians from the same facility but not the person accused of causing harm, and 6 jurors from the community. A vote on compensation shall be rewarded if 8 of the 12 agree that compensation is deserved and the amount of compensation will be determined by this group based on the severity of the malpractice and probable costs associated with a new disability or death including funeral services.

2. The offending physician or health worker shall be brought before a review board to determine if the offence is cause for prosecution, license revocation, suspension, fine, or acquittal.

A. A physician that has a license suspension may petition to have their license reinstated after 5 years if additional training is acquired.

B. Prosecution that leads to a felony conviction shall mean that reinstatement will not occur.

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