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Politics and other irritants: 2017 budget proposal: by L MEYER

Politics and other irritants:  budget proposal: by L MEYER

I.                   2017 budget proposal: by l Meyer

A.                 United states budget plan 2017

B.                 Put forth by l Meyer: private citizen may 2011

II.               Section i:  tax reform

1.                  The purpose of taxes is to fund the federal government for its mandates

2.                  To help ordinary citizens in the following ways:

III.            Provide for national defense

A.                 The federal government shall have standing armed forces groups

1.                  Whose job it will be to provide national defense, intelligence

2.                  Services, to be on call in times of national and local disasters,

3.                  As well as provide needed assistance to localities for minor

4.                  Disasters as requested through local governments to the governor

5.                  Of any state or territory at the governor’s discretion.

B.                 The federal government shall provide the armed forces groups

1.                  With the necessary training, tools and equipment needed to get

2.                  The job done, but with an eye toward quality, safety, and

3.                  Value of the tools and equipment provided.

4.                  No longer will the G.A.O. be the sole provisionary or rent

5.                  Buildings for use of government entities.  If tools,

6.                  Equipment, or services, can be bought at a local store, manufacturer,

7.                  Company, or through an individual,

8.                  At the same or better quality than the g.a.o. Can get, and at a

9.                  Better cost point, and save the government money, then it

10.              Shall be so. 

a)                  Because there is a possibility of fraud or

11.              Embezzlement by any person given the responsibility to buy

12.              Such goods or services there shall be put in place the following:

IV.            Any item needed shall be requested in writing by

a)                  The personnel needing such an item or service.

V.                All requests shall be given to the c.o. Of the

a)                  Facility, and signed by him and at least 2 other

b)                  Officers.

VI.            If the c.o. Of any facility needs an item or service,

a)                  The c.o. Must get permission by his superior officer,

b)                  And at least 2 other officers of equal rank, or if none

c)                  Are available then by 5 officers one level or lower,

d)                  Below his rank.

VII.         When possible local stores will be required to allow

a)                  The federal government to buy such items on temporary

b)                  Credit.  The balance to be repaid in 30 days for any

c)                  Items costing less than $5,000, and within 90 days of

d)                  Any item costing up to $50,000, anything beyond that

e)                  Will require a bid to provide items or services.

VIII.     No company, store, or manufacturer shall be allowed

a)                  To have more than $100,000 worth of items or services

b)                  Bought by a federal entity, facility, or armed service group,

c)                  Without a government contract to provide such things.

d)                  And they shall have to go through the bidding process

e)                  In order to get a contract.  There will no longer be

f)                   Any "no bid" contracts given to any entity, individual,

g)                  Group, business, or manufacturer who provides more

h)                  $100,000 worth of goods or services.

B.                 The pentagon will be able to make many of its own decisions on large equipment

1.                  Procurement.  No longer will congressmen and senators be able to dictate what

2.                  It thinks the pentagon needs. The pentagon will come up with a list of things it

3.                  Thinks it needs based on the reality of the worlds political and madmen aspirations.

4.                  The congress will be able to approve or disapprove any item in the pentagon’s procurement

5.                  Wish list. However, no senator or congressman shall subtract any items   based

6.                  On their local constituent’s wants.  No congressman or senator will be able

7.                  To add anything to the list that the pentagon provides as the goal is to just

8.                  Get those things that are needed and nothing that is not needed. 

IX.            To provide for a national park service

A.                 Americans like to travel to national parks, and the park service with its park

1.                  Rangers are there to provide a safe and scenic experience.

B.                 The park rangers are also there to prevent poaching, fires, and any

1.                  Other destruction of the federal lands and animals that live on it.

C.                  The park service shall also provide education to the guests of the park

1.                  By way of explanation of the flora, fauna, and natural landscapes that

2.                  Occur in the park, as well as the rules to follow while visiting there.

D.                 The park service shall also provide a retail outlet, where it is feasible,

1.                  Where visitors can buy souvenirs so that they will be less inclined to

2.                  Destroy the natural beauty the park provides.  The souvenirs can include

3.                  Books, maps, local art work, postcards, pictures, etc., as well as 

4.                  Food and drink items for hikers, bikers, and other visitors.

E.                 Pay and benefits shall be similar to other federal employees with the same or

1.                  Similar duties.  Also, because national parks are often in remote locations,

2.                  Housing will also be provided to park rangers either at the park itself or nearby.

F.                  Congress and the president, nor any other entity shall have the power to sell off

1.                  Federal lands, unless it is also approved unanimously by 85% of the population

2.                  Of the united states.

X.                To provide for a national archive of historical documents, videos, pictures, congressional

1.                  Records, presidential records, and anything else of historical value.

B.                 All citizens are to be able to get copies of any document or other media form, of

1.                  Historical significance older than 5 years, unless national security would be affected.

XI.            National security concerns are not to include anything that is just embarrassing.

XII.         National security concerns must include anything that is of a physically tactical

a)                  Nature.  All presidents should have access to such information to help make determinations

b)                  On whether or not such tactical items need to be upgraded or dismantled in order to

c)                  Insure a viable national defense. 

XIII.      Also war plans that have not been implemented, intelligence gathering protocols,

a)                  Provided that they do not violate the Geneva convention, and the targets of nuclear and

b)                  Tactical weapons systems are of national security concern.

XIV.      Any president who is, or has been in office, can be prosecuted for either war crimes

a)                  Or for violating the rights of citizens in the united states and around the world,

b)                  Unless the person in question is a terrorist or a major criminal themselves such as

c)                  A drug runner, gun or weapons runner, a slave trader, or a pirate.

XV.          To provide all citizens with healthcare

A.                 All citizens should have a right to national healthcare.  All hospitals and clinics will

1.                  Become nationalized and nonprofit. All physician, chiropractic, dental health, mental health,

2.                  Hearing and vision services will be a part of national healthcare 

XVI.      All doctors, nurses, scientists, and other staff members will become government

1.                  Employees with a set salary in line with the education and service that

2.                  Person provides.

B.                 If you are a specialist doctor for example you may get a salary of up to

a)                  $150,000/yr., a generalist may get up to $130,000/yr.  A physician’s assistant

b)                  May get up to $110,000/yr. An RN $90,000/yr., LPN $60,000, CNA 40,000 and the rest

c)                  Without higher education about $25,000/yr. This seems fair to me as physicians

d)                  Will no longer be required to pay staff or buy malpractice insurance.  However

e)                  If anyone is found guilty of more than 3 malpractice complaints against them

f)                   In a year or 5 within 2 years you will lose your license to practice medicine

g)                  For the next two years. And in that time if you do not go back to get the

h)                  Training that you are obviously lacking, and retake the medical board exam,

i)                    You will lose your job permanently.

C.                  The funding for national healthcare will be a surtax of 15% of all income earned

a)                  By any company or individual who conducts business in or works in the united states,

b)                  Except for the first $12,000 of an individuals earned income shall be taxed at the 5%

c)                  Rate. 

XVII.   Because cost controls are essential to national healthcare working, the federal

1.                  Government shall, from now on arrange to buy drugs from pharmaceutical companies,

2.                  Prosthetics from device companies that make them and possibly other devices

3.                  As well like dialysis machines, heart/lung machines, mri' and CT scanners among others,

4.                  The same way other countries do, by negotiating prices, and buying in bulk where possible.

B.                 The department of health and human services and the department of the interior shall

a)                  Negotiate with drug companies, prosthetic and device companies for best prices possible.

C.                  The national institutes of health shall also be trying to develop drug

a)                  Protocols for those diseases of individuals for whom drug companies

b)                  Are currently ignoring because the profit is not worth the cost of development.

D.                 The current insurance market will be able to provide products and services for

a)                  Individuals who would like for a guarantee to transplant services as well as

b)                  For wealthier individuals to get their healthcare through for profit entities that wish

c)                  To provide such services.

XVIII.                       All current hospitals and clinics will be nationalized. 

a)                  If any doctor or other specialist wishes to not be a government employee they

b)                  Can start another for profit clinic for those people who wish to avoid government healthcare.

XIX.      Because costs are weighed against outcomes for experimental services, current insurance

a)                  Companies can provide coverage for experimental drugs, experimental surgeries,

b)                  Cosmetic surgeries, elective surgeries, abortion services, and alternative medicine therapies like

c)                  Acupuncture, Feng shui, and massage therapies.

B.                 Insurance companies will have to find new products and services such as those outlined above

1.                  Or they will have to cease being.

XX.          If insurance companies wish to remain viable entities, then they will have to provide other services.

XXI.      Insurance companies will not be allowed to have more than a 20% profit on services they provide.

XXII.   C.E.Os., C.F.O., and C.O.O., salary will not be able to be deducted as a business expense.

XXIII.                       Irregularities in your books or trying to not pay taxes on profits will not be tolerated

1.                  And your company will be dissolved.

XXIV.                        To provide citizens with a safety net.

A.                 All citizens will be entitled to a job if they are capable of doing one, and unemployment

1.                  Insurance if they lose their job.

XXV.   All citizens will be allowed to be on unemployment insurance until:

A.                 Another job is found, or

B.                 The person turns down a job that is offered

C.                  The person fails to put in at least 2 applications per week unless the person is

a)                  Unable to do so because of illness or injury.

D.                 The reason for the loss of a job is theft, abuse or assault of another person,

a)                  Property, or an animal.

XXVI.                        If a job is not offered or found within the first 3 months of losing a job

A.                 When feasible, the government will provide you with a job in return for your

a)                  Unemployment benefits.

XXVII.                    The government can require you to work up to 20 hours a week doing things like

a)                  Picking up trash on the highways and other streets, providing childcare for low income

b)                  Parents, becoming a tutor for a child(ren), doing charitable work like help clean up

c)                  After a disaster or doing services for low income seniors who need help with things

d)                  Like yardwork and housecleaning.

XXVIII.                 Transportation will be provided by the locality where the work is to take place

XXIX.Proper equipment as needed will also be provided. Including safety equipment,

a)                  And any tools needed to perform any job you are given.

XXX.    The only exceptions from working will be for:

A.                 Continuing education classes that you take that increase your knowledge

a)                  And betterment of job prospects including working towards a degree or a

b)                  Certificate that may land you a job easier.

B.                 Illness, accident, or disability that prevents you from working

a)                  At your educational level.

C.                  Chronic mental disease which is diagnosed by a psychologist or psychiatrist

a)                  Which makes you unstable as an individual.

XXXI.To provide seniors and the disabled with social security

A.                 Currently the social security trust fund has a surplus but that will not last much longer.

1.                  The following items are how to fix social security so that it will be viable for

2.                  Generations to come.

XXXII.                     Eliminate the income cap that is currently in place so that all income is taxed for social

1.                  Security.

XXXIII.                 Increase the social security tax by 2%

XXXIV.                  Make it so that the social security trust fund cannot be spent by congress except

1.                  In times of war or national disaster and then only 10% of the trust fund can be spent.

XXXV.                     To regulate businesses and corporations

A.                 Financial services, banking services, investment services, commodity markets, and insurance regulation

XXXVI.                  No company will be allowed to be more than 20% (except for the federal or state government or

1.                  Other federal or state entity), of the provider of any good or service in any single states'

2.                  Geographic area and not more than a 3% provider of any good or service on the

3.                  National or global level. If such a thing occurs the company will be broken up into

4.                  Pieces in order to try to ensure that no economic collapse will ever happen again.

5.                  Too big to fail is hereby outlawed.

XXXVII.              Derivative markets are to be closely monitored and a 20% surtax on both the front and back

1.                  End of any derivative or other similar entity will be collected by the federal government

2.                  As a regulatory tax and 50% of it will be put away and held in a trust in case another

3.                  Economic collapse takes place.

XXXVIII.           No bank can hold a derivative and no insurance company can have services like a bank.

XXXIX.                  There is to be a 20% surtax on the front and back end of the commodity market for those people

1.                  Businesses, corporations and others who invest more than $20,000 in any single commodity.

2.                  It is obvious that speculators are the ones who are driving up prices for things like

3.                  Oil and gas, cotton, wheat, milk, corn and others.  Also the commodity market must reflect the

4.                  Amount of those items in the market are true to what is actually being produced.  Some estimates

5.                  Are that there are up to 15 times more things being traded that what is actually produced.

XL.          Financial services can be either part of a bank or an investment company or an insurance company

1.                  But it cannot operate in more than one of those entities due to the fact that defrauding customers

2.                  Seems to be the end result of such conglomerates.

XLI.       None of these entities shall use their customers’ money for their own financial gain without

1.                  Giving those customers at least 10 percent of the profits, and then only with their

2.                  Customers consent shall they be allowed to use that money. 

XLII.   All profits of any of these will be taxed at the 35% rate no exceptions or exemptions.     

A.                 Manufacturing, mining, oil and gas production, farming, and energy creation

XLIII.                        Any company, corporation, or individual who operates a business which pollutes shall be liable

1.                  For all medical and special needs costs of any individual or other business who is harmed by

2.                  Any toxic substance, gas, pollution, or other unsavory deed that the said entity released or did.

XLIV.No individuals, businesses, companies and corporations will be given tax incentives

1.                  To produce their goods and services.

XLV.    All companies will be taxed at a rate of 35% no exceptions or exemptions.

XLVI.Farmers will be encouraged to try new types of farming in order to get a better result. 

1.                  Any farmer who tries to go organic and non-genetically modified, will have the federal

2.                  Government pay half of their property taxes for the first 5 years of production.

XLVII.                     Green energy initiatives are needed for individuals to be able to fit their homes and

1.                  Businesses with solar panels, wind and water turbines. 

XLVIII.                 The electrical grid in the united states is old and in disrepair. Therefore, the government

1.                  Along with the help of electric utilities will be making an effort to improve and modernize

2.                  The electrical grid.

XLIX. Tax incentives for individuals, businesses, and electric companies to produce more

1.                  Green energy is needed.

B.                 If an entity buys a green energy system they may take 30% of the initial cost of the system

a)                  Off in the first year that it is installed.  Then they may take an additional 10% of the

b)                  Cost of the system off their taxes in the 2nd year they have it.

C.                  Electric companies are helped when the extra energy produced by a green energy customer

a)                  Goes back into the grid when the customer is producing more green energy than they need. So

b)                  The electric company needs to pay the customer for the energy they produce and send back to the grid.

D.                 A national reward will be given to any company or individual that produces an economically

a)                  Viable green energy system that is different from what already exists.  The goal is to not need fossil fuels

b)                  In the future as the worldwide oil reserves will be about gone in 50 years or less.

c)                  The company will receive $10 million dollars and be hosted at the Whitehouse for a dinner and

d)                  An announcement to the country of your innovative design and a medal of innovation will also be given.

L.                Electric vehicles as well as other alternatives will be incentivized.  20% of the cost of an

1.                  Alternative fuel vehicle will be taken off your taxes.  1 deduction will be allowed every three years

2.                  For the next 21 years or until 30% of the vehicles on the road are alternative fuel vehicles.

LI.             Tax rates for individuals

LII.         All income will be taxed at the same rate as earned income is the only exception will be social

1.                  Security income and SSI income. 

LIII.      There will be a phase out of the child tax credit and the mortgage interest credit over the next

1.                  10 years.  It will go down 10% for each of the next ten years. So since the tax credit is $1000

2.                  It will go down by $100 for each of the next ten years.  Mortgage interest for those those who

3.                  Can get it will be reduced by 10% the first year 20% the second year and so on until there is

4.                  No longer a deduction to take.

LIV.      The tax schedule will be like this:

1.                  0-10,000                     0%

2.                  10,000- $20,000              5%.

3.                  20,000.01- 60,000           12%

4.                  60,000.01- 100,000          20%

5.                  100,000.01-160,000          29%

6.                  160,000.01- 240,000         35%

7.                  240,000.01- 500,000         39%

8.                  500,000.01-990,000          43%

9.                  990,000.01- 5,000,000       50%

10.              5,000,000.01- 10,000,000    65%

11.              Above 10,000,000            80%

12.              Also you can claim as a dependent anyone who makes up to 15,000/yr. Provided you can

13.              Prove that you provided more than 50% of their expenses for the year. Also a single

14.              Person can claim head of household with no dependents needed.

LV.          Section ii: federal and state government reform

1.                  No state shall make a law harsher than federal law.

2.                  Laws across the states for common crimes need to reflect punishment

3.                  Values of similar length and type. For instance, murder 1 with no extenuating circumstances

4.                  And based on solid evidence and not circumstantial evidence should be an automatic life in

5.                  Prison with no parole. While a drug charge for marijuana possession should only result

6.                  In a fine, unless said individual is an unlicensed dealer in which case they should get 1

7.                  Year in prison and a fine. I note that many states now allow for medical                  amarijuana use and

8.                  Actually license growers who do have licenses issued in their home states. 

LVI.      State laws can be more lax in some areas, however not when it comes to the health and safety

1.                  Its citizens. 

LVII.   All state and federal elections will be paid for by the federal or state government. 

LVIII.                       No elected official of local, state, or federal government shall receive any funds or

1.                  Gifts from any lobbyist or corporation, or individual who is petitioning the government

2.                  To hear of any concern or law that they would like addressed. 

LIX.       Any government official who receives any funds, which is not a government salary, or gifts even if

1.                  It is on behalf of a favorite charity shall lose their seat in government and will be

2.                  Prosecuted for extortion.

LX.          No elected or appointed official can write a law benefiting any specific company or sector and

1.                  Be allowed to work for that company or sector for fifteen years after leaving office. 

LXI.       There will no longer be a fee for any political candidate who wants to run for any office, in any political party